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  1. What is a “general” hardwood floor cleaner?
      For best results and to maintain warranty always use the manufactures product if available to clean hardwood floors.

    Bonakemi -Bona Kemi-Bona X and Basic Coatings are general hardwood floor cleaners that are specifically formulated to cleanpolyurethane finished hardwood floors and factory pre-finished hardwood floors. Unlike all-purpose cleaners, it will not dull your hardwood floors finish or leave an oily residue. Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean floor cleaner and Bonakemi-Sweedish Formula-Bona X floor cleaner are waterborne, non-toxic, environmentally responsible floor cleaners.Using the above products for cleaning hardwood floors you will get years of satisfaction from the floor.

  2. How often should I clean my hardwood floor?
         For cleaning hardwood floors it is recommended once a week with minor dusting in betweenHardwood floors subjected to heavy traffic should be cleaned on a more frequent basis. 
  3. What kind of mop should I use?
    We carry the best mops available for cleaning hardwood floors and hard surface flooring. There is the rectangle-head style Shine-Mop mop that comes with either a removable terry cloth or micro fiber cover and a built-in scrub pad. There are also kits available such as the Bruce Hardwood Floor Care Kit made exclusively for cleaning Bruce Hardwood flooring. It has a very low profile and a head that swivels 260 degrees. The second choice would be a brand new revolutionary mop available from Bonakemi (Bona Kemi, Bona X)called the Microplus. It has an electrostatic action that attracts and traps dirt and allergens when used dry. It also absorbs spills and cleans tough stains when used with spray cleaners. It lasts longer than clothup to 250 washes. 
  4. What is a “touch-up kit”?
        Hardwood floor touch-up kits vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most come with some sort of touch-up “marker” and/or touch-up “pencils”. These kits are used mainly for repair of small scratches and dings that might occur in your hardwood floor. Severe/Deep scratches or dings might require board replacement. If you have more questions on hardwood floor care please let us know. Make sure you clean your hardwood floor first. 
  5. What is micro fiber?
    Please go to this page to read all of the information about micro fiber technology.
  6. What is IFT?
    Intensive floor treatment is the best product out there if your floor needs a really good cleaning. It is made by  Basic Coatings and one of the most common uses is to remove top coating products such as Fresh Finish, Refresher and Forever II coat or clean the floor before the application of one of these products. Also if some one has been using the wrong maintenance products or the floor is extremely dirty.
  7. What if i have a Swiffer or Grab it style mop?


  8. How will I Know if my order has shipped?
    If you have given us a correct e-mail address you will be notified every time we make a change to your order. When your order has been shipped (if it is coming by UPS) you will get a notification directly from them. At any time you can go to the “check order status” link on the left side of our home page and go there and put in your order information. If you still need help please either call or e-mail us.
  9. Do you ship to Canada?
    Yes we do but you will need to read the restrictions on the policies page.
  10. Is Bonakemi safe to use around children and animals?
    Bona’s floor care system consists of a non-toxic waterborne cleaner specifically designed for polyurethane-finished hardwood or hard surface floors and a reusable microfiber mop for cleaning and eliminating dust and allergens.