Black Diamond Concentrated Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner - 32oz


Black Diamond Stoneworks Stone & Tile Intensive Cleaner Concentrate – 32oz

Black Diamond Intensive Stone and Tile Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that’s great for all Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Slate, Tile and all types of Natural Stone.

Simply mix 8-10 oz of Intensive Stone and Tile cleaner to 1 Gallon of warm water. Apply solution to your desired surface with a mop or spray making sure the surface is wet. Keep the surface wet with the cleaner for 1-3 minutes. If intensive cleaning is needed, scrub the floor with a bristle brush. Remove dirty water/cleaner from the floor and rinse with clean water.

Do not mix this product with any other chemical besides water.

Weight 2 lbs